[ Directions to SpeechWorks - Boston Office ]

  • Map and Picture
    1. Boston area (SpeechWorks is located at STAR mark)
    2. SpeechWorks beside South Station
    3. Aerial view
    4. SpeechWorks building (across Atlantic Avenue)
    5. South Station (seen from my office)

  • Directions

    (1) Go to South Station
    - Subway: Take Red line, Stop at South Station (near downtown)
    - Or take a taxi.

    - South Station has a subway part, train part, and bus part.
    - Don't rent a car unless you really need it - Driving and parking are both difficult around here.
    - This area is under construction.

    (2) Walk to SpeechWorks on "695 Atlantic Ave"
    (Even though you may come out of the subway station, let's say you come out of the train station.)
    - As you come out of the main gate of train South Station (to the intersection of Atlantic Ave. and Summer St.),
    - Turn left and walk along side the station building to the taxi stand on the street.
    - Our building is just across Atlantic Ave, showing a sign "Well Bridge", "HAWORTH"
    (next to the tall while building, One Financial Center).

    (3) Come to 11th floor (top floor)

  • Notice Changes (January 2002)
    - Due to the construction work around this area, the taxi stand was moved a little, and Atlantic Ave in front of SpeechWorks building is blocked.

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