I'm on the hunt for the world's best bar of dark chocolate. Here are a few of my current favorites:

Amedei Chuao

Amedei Toscano Black

Dagoba Xocolatl

Domori Sambirano

Pittsburgh Coffee Shops

To be updated as I explore more...

The Commonplace Coffee Company: Pretty tasty, and the latte art on the large drinks is beautiful.

Tazza D'oro: Have a location inside the gates building right on campus. They rotate the single origin espresso they have in stock.

Berkeley Coffee Shops

Philz Coffee: My favorite drop coffee ever - and they have a huge selection. Go for the Mint Mojito on a warm day.

Blue Bottle: Ok, so it's technically in Oakland or San Francisco. Well worth the drive for a wonderful cappuccino. Also, they have a secret drink called the Gibraltar, basically a super-short latte.

Guerilla Cafe: They serve blue bottle coffee "near" campus. The spicy mocha is my favorite.

Sonoma Coffee Cafe: Interesting espresso beverages. Smaller, but very nice if you can snag a seet