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Elimination, showdown, and winner pages now reflect all of round M. Winner and showdown pages now only contain information about players still left in the game.

What is WRGPT5?

WRGPT5 is a no-limit Texas Holdem tournament in which all game activity takes place via electronic mail. A program, written by Ron Duursma, acts as dealer and manages all aspects of the game. This year's game started October 25 with 535 players from all over the world, and should last until mid-June. The tournament rules are similar to those for Binion's Horseshoe annual World Series of Poker main event. The dealer program has a rich command language allowing players to mail in their betting actions out-of-turn; these actions only manifest themselves to the other players in turn. Even with these advanced actions, the game moves rather slowly, with most tables averaging fewer than one hand per day. There will probably be another tournament next year; keep tuned to rec.gambling.poker for signup details.

For exact information about WRGPT5, please check the particulars file which has information about holidays, blind and ante increases and other details.

Current Standings

The current WRGPT5 standings are available for anonymous ftp.

Table Assignments

Table assignments for the current round give each player's bankroll at the start of the round, plus links to the showdowns at that table.


I have made all the showdowns for WRGPT5 availble via anonymous FTP. There is one directory per table, and one file per hand played.

There is also a showdown by date collection, with one file per date here, containing all that day's showdowns.

Player Summary Lists

Since WRGPT5 is so big, and because it's very hard to watch all the tables and players, I've made some web pages designed to make it easier to find out about how other people play. The elimination list has a list of all eliminations, sorted by the player eliminated. The showdown list (compressed) has a link from every player (sorted by nickname) to every hand in which that player has shown down cards. Finally, the winner list (compressed) has a link from every player (sorted by first name) to every hand that player has won. I usually update these pages after each table reassignment.

Ken Anderson's Elimination List

Ken Anderson has changed his elimination list into html and includes links to all elimination hands. Ken has maintained this list during past WRGPT events.


Jerry Gerner is maintaining a list of poker bios of all entrants into the tournament.

Last Modified: May 30, 1996

Jay Sipelstein (sippy+@cs.cmu.edu)