Home Page for WRGPT4

  • What is WRGPT4?
  • WRGPT4 is the fourth annual World Rec.Gambling Poker Tournament.

    WRGPT4 is a no-limit Texas Holdem tournament in which all game activity takes place via electronic mail. A program, written by Ron Duursma, acts as dealer and manages all aspects of the game. The tournament rules are similar to most Las Vegas no limit holdem tournaments, such as Binion's annual World Series of Poker main event. The dealer program has a rich command language allowing players to mail in their betting actions out-of-turn; these actions only manifest themselves to the other players in turn. Even with these advanced actions, the game moves rather slowly, with most tables averaging less than one hand a day. This year's game strated in September with 376 players, and should last until Mid-June. There will probably be another tournament next year; keep tuned to rec.gambling for signup details.

  • Current Standings
  • The current WRGPT4 standings are available for anonymous ftp.

    We are now playing the final table ot the tournament. Jerry Gerner has set up a web page with who's who, standings, table position and showdowns for the final table.

  • Showdowns
  • I have made all the showdowns for WRGPT4 availble via anonymous FTP. There is one directory per table, and one file per hand played.

    There is also a showdown by date collection, with one file per date here, containing all that day's showdowns.

  • Players
  • Some of the participants have sent me links to their homepages. If you are participating in the tournment, please send me mail, and I'll add your homepage to this list.

    Will Hyde has a list of submitted autobiographies of some of the paticipants. Jerry Gerner has taken Will's list, converted it to HTML, and made it available on the web.

  • Eliminator List
  • Ken Anderson has been maintaining an elimination list keeping track of who has knocked whom from the game. He updates the list in a weekly post to rec.gambling.

  • Prediction Pool
  • Darse Billings is running a prediction contest for WRGPT4, and posts a weekly update with the current contest score. Entries to the pool consist of an ordered list of your top 10 predicted finishers in the tourney. (Sorry, but no more entries will be accepted.)
    Jay Sipelstein (sippy+@cs.cmu.edu)