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Since March 1997 I have worked at Susquehanna International Group, a Philadelphia-based proprietary trading firm. Currently, I develop, program and supervise quantitative trading strategies. Previously I designed and implemented an object-oriented electronic trading system.


I was a graduate student in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science
from 1987 to 1996. During that period I worked with Guy Blelloch on the Scandal Project
and on the implementation of NESL.

I'm currently ABD, and haven't worked on my dissertation, Representation Optimizations for Collection-Oriented Languages, in some time.

My publications include

A complete list of my publications can be found off of the scandal home page.


I'm an avid amateur poker player and recently had the thrill of a lifetime, winning an event at the one of premier poker tournaments of the year, the World Series of Poker.

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