MineNet 2007
workshop on Mining Network Data

June 12, 2007
San Diego, CA

Held in conjunction with ACM SIGMETRICS '07 and FCRC '07


The MineNet workshop is being held in conjunction with SIGMETRICS '07, and registration will be handled through the SIGMETRICS conference website

The deadline for early registration is May 11, 2007.

Note that the tutorial/workshop program is not included in the SIGMETRICS conference registration fee. It is also not included in the fees of any overlapping conferences.  Also, when registering for you will be asked to indicate both that you will attend the SIGMETRICS workshop/tutorial program and also which particular workshops/tutorials you will attend (for planning purposes). It may appear that the individual workshops/tutorials are free, but this is not the case because you must indicate that you are attending SIGMETRICS tutorials/workshops   (and you must do it on a per day basis), which is what the fee is based on.