Siddhartha Srinivasa

Finmeccanica Associate Professor in Computer Science
The Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

Administrative Assistant: Jean Harpley

I work on manipulation. My goal is to enable robots to robustly and gracefully interact with the world to perform complex manipulation tasks in uncertain, unstructured, and cluttered environments. I want to make this interaction faster, safer, elegant, and involve simpler actuation. To this end, I founded and direct the Personal Robotics Lab, co-direct the Manipulation Lab, and lead the HERB effort of the QoLTbots systems area and the Mobile Manipulation effort of the Mobility and Manipulation Thrust at the Quality of Life Technologies NSF ERC.

I am currently focussing on two topics: Physics-based Manipulation and The Mathematics of Human-Robot Interaction. They are heavily intertwined, both born out of the goal of robots performing complex manipulation tasks with and around people.

Physics-based Manipulation: I focus on using physics in the design of actions, algorithms, and hands for manipulation:

The Mathematics of Human-Robot Interaction: I focus on formalizing Human-Robot Interaction principles using machine learning, motion planning, and function gradient algorithms:

I have greatly enjoyed collaborating with HRI researchers, and our joint exploration has broadened my understanding of humans, robots, and mathematics.

I am also interested in Manipulation Planning: extending randomized planners to constraint manifolds and Perception for Manipulation: my group has developed MOPED: an efficient object recognition and pose estimation system for manipulation.

Short Biography

I received a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 1999, where I worked with Roddam Narasimha on applying wavelet transforms to Navier-Stokes equations to detect coherent structures in jet flow. I recieved my MS in 2001 and PhD in 2005 from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked with Mike Erdmann and Matt Mason at the Manipulation Lab. For my MS thesis, I built the Mobipulator, a desktop manipulator that used its wheels to manipulate everyday objects. For my PhD thesis, I built robust controllers for dynamic manipulation under Coulomb friction. I founded the Personal Robotics Lab (PRL) in 2006 where my students and I are developing perception, planning, and learning algorithms that enable robots to accomplish useful manipulation tasks in dynamic and cluttered indoor environments. I was also a Senior Research Scientist at Intel Labs Pittsburgh from 2006-11 where I started and led Intel's research efforts in robotics.

The Personal Robotics Lab

Full Publication list

A mostly up-to-date BibTex of my publications is available for public checkout from this repository.

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Professional Activities

Current Students

Anca Dragan PhD Robotics 2009- Robot Motion for Seamless Human-Robot Collaboration
Shervin Javdani PhD Robotics (+Drew Bagnell) 2011-
Elizabeth Cha M.S Robotics (+Jodi Forlizzi) 2012-
Jennifer King PhD Robotics 2012-
Michael Koval PhD Robotics (+Nancy Pollard) 2012-
Zita Marinho PhD Robotics (+Geoff Gordon) 2012-
Laura Vogelaar PhD Robotics 2013-
Aaron Walsman MS Robotics 2013-
Christopher Dellin PhD Robotics 2013-

Graduated Students

Mehmet Dogar PhD Robotics 2008-13 A Framework for Manipulation in Cluttered Environments Postdoc, MIT
Alvaro Collet PhD Robotics (+Martial Hebert) 2009-12 Lifelong Robotic Object Perception Researcher, Microsoft
Dmitry Berenson PhD Robotics (+James Kuffner) 2006-11 Constrained Manipulation Planning Assistant Professor, WPI
Christopher Dellin M.S Robotics 2009-12 Configuration Space Geometry of Multi-Object Manipulation Robotics Engineer, NREC CMU
Kyle Strabala M.S Robotics 2010-12 Learning the Communication of Intent Prior to Physical Collaboration Robotics Engineer, NREC CMU
Alvaro Collet M.S Robotics (+Chris Atkeson) 2007-09 MOPED: Object Recognition and Full Pose Registration from a Single Image for Robotic Manipulation PhD Robotics
Garratt Gallagher M.S Robotics (+Drew Bagnell) 2007-09 GATMO: A Generalized Approach to Tracking Movable Objects Startup: Garrbotics and Bilibot
Martin Herrmann M.S Universitat Karlsruhe (+Uwe Hanebeck) 2009 Active Scene and Object Reconstruction for Robotic Manipulation from Vision and Laser Researcher, TU Braunschweig

Siddhartha Srinivasa
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