Pollen Grains Detection, Segmentation, and Categorization

Shu Kong, Surangi W. Punyasena, Charless Fowlkes

latest updat: July 24, 2016 (dataset and code are released for the project of 3-way fossilized pollen!)

Detecting and classifying pollen grains in a collected sample allows one to estimate the diversity of plant species in a particular area. This is interesting for ecological monitoring (by placing pollen traps in different areas of the world) as well as in examining fossilized pollen to determine what plant species were present at a particular time in the past. We can easily collect and image many pollen samples but identifying and counting by eye the number of grains of each species is painstaking work which we would like to automate.

Specifically, we have the following projects

This project page is always being updated, please stay tuned!

Quick demonstration: focus adjustment, detection, segmentaion, classification, 3D modeling, matching

Dataset Release

Code Release