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Education in science and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University is based on three interacting principles:

  1. Carnegie Mellon has developed a tradition of linking undergraduate education with research. RAIRE builds on specific activities ensuing from that tradition, namely:
    • research as a vehicle for learning in the classroom;
    • independent research by students throughout their academic career; and
    • consultation to facilitate classroom learning.
  2. We believe that an especially powerful education is one characterized by and for problem solving; this has been a cornerstone of education at Carnegie Mellon for more than fifty years.
  3. Interdisciplinarity necessarily permeates both education and research at Carnegie Mellon.
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These three related principles both encourage and enable faculty and students to work together to solve problems across disciplinary boundaries. The small size of the university, a pragmatic approach to its intellectual mission, and administrative support of these principles facilitate a unique approach to education and research.