The Wild and Crazy Idea Session VIII

held at ASPLOS-XV in Pittsburgh, PA
Monday March 15, 5:30-7pm

Submission Instructions
Looking back:
W&C VII (2009)
W&C VI (2008)
W&C V (2006)
W&C IV (2004)
W&C III (2002)
W&C II (2000)
W&C I (1998)

The Case for Robotic Data Centers.

David Meisner and Thomas Wenisch


Michael Hind

ABACUS: A Hardware-Based Software Profiler for Modern Processors.

Eric Matthews, Lesley Shannon, Sergey Blagodurov, Sergey Zhuravlev, and Alexandra Fedorova

Engineering Next-generation Self-healing And Self-optimizing Neural Network Based Medical Platform.

Zhanpeng Jin and Allen C. Cheng

ReMOS Technology and the Mighty Morphin Microprocessor.

Nathan Goulding, Gopi Tummala, Emmett McQuinn, and Steven Swanson

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Hardware.

Mario Marino, Gabriel Robins, Kevin Skadron, and Liang Wang

iRain: Data Water Cycle for Raining User with Information.

Ganesh Venkatesh, Sravanthi Kota Venkata, Robert Chen, Steve Swanson, Michael Taylor