Science Fact From Science Fiction

Important Messages

If you did NOT get email from me, please let me know. The email discusses a book order and other logistic details.

Instructions for getting the short stories will be posted soon.

Course Outline

In this course we will use selected works of science fiction to analyze the feasibility of possible future technologies and their impact on society. We will discuss the feasibility of the science and technology contained in each text from first principles. We will then look at how these technologies might be developed and their effect on society. Some of the areas we will explore are: biotechnology and genetic engineering; the internet, cyberspace and virtual living; quantum computing, communication & star travel; programmable matter and robotics. Each class will focus on a new text. If possible there will be one movie and five books.


Location:Wean Hall 4707
Time:Wednesday 1pm
Prof:Seth Copen Goldstein
7122 Wean Hall
(412) 268-3828
Admin:Marilyn Walgora
7106 Wean Hall
(412) 268-3505


5/6/09NO CLASS
5/13/09Blood Music
5/20/09Print Crime
5/27/09Rainbows End
6/10/09Beggars in Spain
6/17/09Altered Carbon

The order of these books might change.


We will read a selection of the following list. Two weeks before classes start we will place an order for the books we choose to read, so please check back for information about how to join the order.