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Electronic Nanotechnology and Reconfigurable Computing
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Source WVLSI archive
Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Workshop on VLSI 2001 table of contents
Page: 10  
Year of Publication: 2001
IEEE Computer Society   Washington, DC, USA
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Abstract: Chemically assembled electronic nanotechnology (CAEN) is a promising alternative to CMOS for constructing circuits with feature sizes in the tens of nanometers. In this paper we describe some of the recent advances in CAEN and how they influence the design of digital circuits. We show how reconfigurability supports inexpensive manufacturing. Finally, we describe a molecular latch that overcomes the lack of a viable CAEN-based transistor.

Collaborative Colleagues:
Seth Copen Goldstein:
Hassan Aït-Kaci
Burak Aksak
David F. Bacon
Ashwin R. Bharambe
Preethi Srinivas Bhat
Tobias Bjerregaard
Mihai Budiu
Michael Butts
Srihari Cadambi
Timothy Callahan
Jason Campbell
Jason D. Campbell
Tiberiu Chelcea
David E. Culler
William J. Dally
Andrée DeHon
Michael DeRosa
Stanislav Funiak
Phillip B. Gibbons
Carlos Guestrin
Ashish Gupta
Casey Helfrich
James Hoburg
Brian Kirby
David Koes
David Ryan Koes
James Kuffner
Ronald Laufer
Peter Lee
Mahim Mishra
Matt Moe
Matthew Moe
Todd C. Mowry
Suman Nath
Padmanabhan S. Pillai
Andreas Podelski
Ram Ravichandran
Benjamin D. Rister
Majd Sakr
Klaus Erik Schauser
Herman Schmit
Srinivasan Seshan
Metin Sitti
Ellen Spertus
Suraj Sudhir
R. Reed Taylor
Donald E. Thomas
Girish Venkataramani
Kip Walker
Jeffrey Weener
Haifeng Yu
Thorsten von Eicken