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About this page

These webpages are designed and maintained by Spiros Papadimitriou; please send comments and suggestions to If you find a bad or sub-optimal link on these pages, have other corrections, comments, or know of directions or web pages for a particular event, please send Spiros email. The schedule itself is maintained by Seth Copen Goldstein ( For schedule changes or other event scheduling issues, send Seth email.

If you want to create a webpage for the IC with a similar look and feel, you can download a webpage template.

The schedule webpage is generated automatically (thanks to Eric Tilton for the original version) from the text version of the schedule. Various and diverse vile Perl and HTML hacks were employed, in order to (hopefully) achieve a good looking as well as functionally useful guide. As with any automated process, there may be occasional glitches; we'll try to fix them as soon as we spot them or have them pointed out to us.

The schedule for the PalmPilot is generated by a pared-down version of Eric Tilton's Perl script (incorporating equally vile hacks).