Steven Seitz

Adjunct Assistant Professor
The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

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Steve Seitz is now on the faculty of the
University of Washington in Seattle.
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Education: Ph.D., U. Wisconsin, Madison, 1997. M.A., U.C. Berkeley, 1991.

Areas of Interest: Image-based rendering, video analysis and synthesis, computer graphics, computer vision

Groups, Labs, and Affiliations

  • CMU Computer Graphics Group
  • Calibrated Imaging Laboratory
  • The VASC Seminar
  • Teaching

  • Spring 1999: 15-462 (Computer Graphics I)
  • Fall 1999: 15-869 (Image-Based Modeling and Rendering)
  • Tutorials

  • 3D Photography given at CVPR 99 and SIGGRAPH 99

  • Research

    Research Description

    Recent Publications

    Research Projects
    View Morphing
    Voxel Coloring
    Analysis of Cyclic Motion

    Advisees: Kiran Bhat, Jinxiang Chai, Tom Kang, Jovan Popovic, Li Zhang

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