SCS Staff Recognition Awards
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SCS Staff Recognition Award
--Established 1995, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
--The award recognizes members of the SCS community "who exhibit strength in the areas of job performance, dedication, positive attitude, and contribution as a team player."

2013 Recipients
–>Presented at SCS Founders' Day

  • Krista McGuigan, Outstanding Staff Award
  • SCS Reappointment and Promotion System Team:
    Michael Nikithser, Rachel Shackelford, Dale Shanefelt, Outstanding Staff Team Award
  • Nicole Willis, Individual Dedication Award
  • SCS Help Desk: Brie Gordon, Myke Kubiak, Beth McKee, Rookie of the Year Award
  • Debra Tobin, Citizenship Award
  • Kathy McNiff, Sustained Excellence Award


2012 Recipients
Presented at the Inaugural SCS Founders' Day

  • Jo Bodnar, Outstanding Staff Award
  • Jane Miller, Outstanding Staff Award
  • Mary Jo Bensasi, Individual Dedication Award
  • Mark Penney, Rookie of the Year Award
  • Indra Szegedy, Rookie of the Year Award
  • Cleah Schlueter, Citizenship Award
  • Catharine Fichtner, Sustained Excellence Award
  • Becky Klaas, Sustained Excellence Award
  • Kelly Widmaier, Rising Star Award


2006 Recipients

  • Catharine Fichtner, Outstanding Support Staff Award
  • Rebecca Klaas, Outstanding Support Staff Award
  • Rachel Burcin, Individual Dedication Award
  • Sharon Cavlovich, Individual Dedication Award
  • Catherine Copetas, Individual Dedication Award
  • Alan Guisewite, Individual Dedication Award
  • AnnMarie Zanger, Individual Dedication Award
  • SCS Facilities Group, Team Effort Award
  • Jim Tobin, Technical Staff Support Award
2004 Recipients
  • Jean Harpley, Outstanding Support Staff Award
  • Jan Harkes, Technical Staff Award
  • Carol Frieze, SCS Citizenship Award
  • Bruce Maggs, SCS Citizenship Award
  • Jennifer Landefeld, Runner-Up, Outstanding Support Staff Award
  • Betty Wasick, Runner-Up, Outstanding Support Staff Award
2003 Recipients
  • Jaime Carbonell, "Rainmaker" Award
  • Judith Klein-Seetharaman, "Rainmaker" Award
  • Raj Reddy, "Rainmaker" Award
  • Ronald Rosenfeld, "Rainmaker" Award
  • Yiming Yang, "Rainmaker" Award
  • Bonnie John, "Most Overworked Faculty Member"
  • Allen Stoltzfus, "Wise Choices in Hiring" Award
  • Michelle Manella, Staff Excellence Award
  • Karen Olack, Staff Excellence Award
  • Marian D'Amico, Staff Excellence Award
  • Jason Pratt, "Most Innovative Effort" Award
  • Bill Ross, "Most Innovative Effort" Award
  • Kurt Berthold, Great Technical Support Award
  • Peter Rander, Great Technical Support Award
2002 Recipients: SCS Best and Brightest Awards
  • John Bares, "Rainmaker" Award
  • Guy Blellock, "Rainmaker" Award
  • William Scherlis, "Rainmaker" Award
  • Mark Stehlik, "Most Overworked Faculty Member"
  • James E. Tomayko, "Decade Award" for Outstanding Performance
  • Martha Clarke, Staff Excellence Award
  • Anne Marie Zanger, Staff Excellence Award
  • M. Bernardine Dias, Primary Agent, Women@SCS
  • Women@SCS Web Team, Meritorious Service Award
    Meenakshi Delory, Sabrina Haskell, Jennifer Li, Galit Ronen, Bernice Ma, Stefanie Shriver
2001 Recipients
  • Dennis Cosgrove, Outstanding Member of the Community Award
  • Suzanne Lyons-Muth, Outstanding Member of the Community Award
  • Daniel Huber, Outstanding Member of the Community Award
2000 Recipients

1999 Recipients

  • Tina Cobb, Outstanding Job Performance Award
  • Daniel Siewiorek, "Most Overworked Faculty Member"
  • Laura Forsyth, Dedication Award
  • Paul Mazaitis, Winning Attitude Award
1998 Recipients
  • Phyllis Lewis, Computer Science
  • Alan Guisewite, Robotics
  • John Kozar, Robotics
1997 Recipient
  • Marcella Zaragoza, Robotics
1996 Recipients
  • Maria Fischer, Computer Science
  • Joseph Mattis, Robotics
1995 Recipients
  • Scott Boehmke, Robotics
  • Jennifer Potter, Language Technologies Institute

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