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Carnegie Mellon Graduate Student Teaching Award
-- The Graduate Student Teaching Award is intended to recognize excellence in teaching in a variety of settings. Examples include, but are not limited to: outstanding teaching in the classroom, laboratory or studio; creation or use of new and innovative teaching methods and course materials; effectiveness in grading/feedback, review sessions or one-on-one instruction; and, creation of challenging and innovative courses. This list is neither mandatory nor exhaustive. Presented annually by the university, the award encourages and recognizes exemplary teaching by a graduate student

School of Computer Science Recipients:

  • Teaching Award: Adam Wierman, Computer Science, 2005/06 (Jointly with David Culyba
  • Teaching Award: David Culyba, Entertainment Technology Center, 2005/06 (Jointly with Adam Wierman)
  • Teaching Award: Ashish Venugopal, Language Technologies Institute, 2003/04
  • Teaching Award: Chris Okasaki, Computer Science, 1994/95

  • Service Award: Jade Goldstein,, Computer Science, 1994/95
  • Service Award: Mark Kantrowitz, Lara Wolfson, Computer Science, 1994/95

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