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Google Anita Borg Scholarships
--The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the legacy of Anita Borg and her efforts to encourage women to pursue careers in computer science and technology. The award is a $10,000 scholarship for outstanding female undergraduate and graduate students completing their degrees in computer science and related fields. $1,000 awards also go to other finalists.

Award Recipient 2013

  • Anthula Balachandran, Ph.D., Computer Science
  • Madeleine Clute, Senior, Computer Science
  • Alexandra Johnson, Senior, Computer Science
  • Derry Tanti Wijaya, Ph.D. Language Technologies
  • Yun-Nung Chen, Ph.D., Language Technologies
  • Breelyn Kane, Ph.D., Robotics
  • Sunayana Sitaram, Ph.D., Language Technologies
  • Lavanya Viswanathan, M.S., Language Technologies

Award Recipient 2012

  • Sidra Alam, Junior, Computer Science (Qatar)
  • Hanan Alshikhabobakr, Junior, Computer Science (Qatar)
  • Ruta Desai, M.S., Robotics
  • Anca Dragan, Ph.D., Robotics
Award Finalist 2012
  • Natasha Kholgrade, Junior, Computer Science
  • Jamie Morgenstern, Ph.D., Computer Science
  • Shree Lakshmi Rao
  • Marynel Josefina Vazquez Ugarte, Ph.D., Robotics

Award Recipient 2010

  • Moira Burke, Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction
  • Samreen Anjum, Junior, Computer Science (Qatar)
  • Anna Molsky, Incoming Freshman, Computer Science
Award Finalist 2010
  • Michelle Burroughs, Junior, Computer Science
  • Wei Chen, Ph.D., Language Technologies
  • Yang Shan, Senior, Computer Science and Entertainment Technology

Award Recipient 2009

  • YoungJoo Jeong Senior, Computer Science
Award Finalist 2009
  • Shilpa Arora, Ph.D., Language Technologies

Award Recipients 2008

  • Amy Hurst Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction
  • Jennifer Denise Tam , Ph.D., Computer Science
Award Finalists 2008
  • Eakta Jain Ph.D., Robotics
  • Geeta Sharad Shroff Senior, Computer Science
  • Kriti Rameshlal Puniyani, Ph.D., Language Technologies
  • Lisa Deanne Brown, M.A., Entertainment Technology
  • Ruth Lorraine Wylie, Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction
  • Aditi Suhas Pendharkar, M.S., Information Networking (ECE)

Award Recipients 2007

  • Stephanie Lauren Rosenthal, Senior, Computer Science
  • Ling Xu, , Ph.D., Robotics

Award Recipients 2006

  • Ph.D., Robotics
  • Vinithra Varadharajan, , M.S., Robotics

Award Recipients 2005

  • Ariadna Font Llitjos, Ph.D. Language Technologies
  • Preethi Bhat, RI, M.S., Robotics

Award Finalists 2005

  • Stefanie Tomko, Ph.D., Language Technologies
  • Gwendolyn Stockman, Junior, Computer Science

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