The Alan J. Perlis SCS Student Teaching Award
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3891
(412)268-8525 . (412)268-5576 (fax)


Anton S. Bachin, 2009

I loved teaching from when I first tried it. What's most enjoyable is seeing a student understand what had seemed so difficult just moments before. This, and the knowledge that I may have been useful, kept me coming back to teaching semester after semester.

I've learned much in that time. What is important for good teaching?
Here is a small sample of the things I've told myself over the years.


1. Learn from the best. Observe professors carefully.

2. Avoid mistakes. Write well and think before you speak.

3. Have patience in abundance.

4. Be clear. Be ready to explain at any level of detail.

5. Know how you think and remember how you learned. Remember your misunderstandings.

6. Some problems are cool. Some are good for teaching.

7. Take teaching seriously. Don't take yourself too seriously.

8. Remember at all times: it is your duty to help your students learn. Make time. Be at your best.

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