School of Computer Science
Policy on Offer Letters
Spring 2007

Offer letters for faculty on the research, teaching and tenure tracks should come from the Office of the Dean. 
This has already been the case for the research and tenure track appointments and, as of spring 2007,
also applies to the teaching track. The recruitment process for teaching track faculty will remain in place as
before (with individual groups recruiting as they have the teaching need). But, the offer should be made by
sending the appropriate documentation to the office of the dean and having them prepare the letter to be
sent directly to the candidate.
This new policy will streamline the presentation of reappointment and promotions cases for teaching track 
faculty at the university level. In this, the Dean will have a solid understanding of each case presented
at the University level reappointment and promotion meetings, because he has been involved in the case
from the offer of hire.
There is no change at this time to “special” faculty, including systems track faculty.