Where all this may lead was foreseen by Allen Newell [quoted by D.G. Bobrow and P.J. Hayes in "Artificial Intelligence - Where Are We?" Artif.Intell.; 25(3), 1985]:

"We should, by the way, be prepared for some radical, and perhaps surprising, transformations of the disciplinary structure of science (technology included) as information processing pervades it. In particular, as we become more aware of the detailed information processes that go on in doing science, the sciences will find themselves increasingly taking a metaposition, in which doing science (observing, experimenting, theorizing, testing, archiving, ...) will involve understanding these information processes, and building systems that do the object-level science. Then the boundaries between the enterprise of science as a whole (the acquisition and organization of the knowledge of the world) and AI (the understanding of how knowledge is acquired and organized) will become increasingly fuzzy."