Worldwide Web Resource Developed at Carnegie Mellon

Various Carnegie Mellon students and faculty spend some/most/all of their leisure time developing resources on the Web as a service to the community. Here we list some of these resources.

It would be nice if the following were annotated

General Resources

  • The Lycos search engine. This is now its own company.
  • Collected advice on research and writing
  • Topic Pages -- Computer Science

  • The Computer Vision page
  • The Theory page
  • Artificial Intelligence Repository including the
  • Resources for Programming Language Research as well as the following language specific pages
  • Supercomputing and parallel computing resources, including
  • Security-related pointers
  • Network Resources for Operations Research
  • The Meshing Research Corner. Information on mesh generation.
  • Topic Pages -- Other fields

  • The English Server
  • Statlib a page on software and information on statistics.

  • Fun Pages

    Still needs to be added.