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How to report bugs


If you find a bug not listed by show bugs, please send a bug report to  . You can help us identify and correct the bug by first finding the smallest example demostrating the bug and by including the following information in your bug report. Include the NESL source, and in addition, the VCODE output from the NESL compiler using the dump vcode command . Use the dump info  command to generate a description of your Lisp and hardware platform. If you found the bug on a parallel machine, does your local serial configuration exhibit the same problem?

We will try to respond to your bug report promptly, but can make no guarantees - NESL is a research tool rather than a production system.

If you make any improvements to the system, please send them to us so we can incorporate them in future versions.

Guy Blelloch
Tue Nov 28 18:37:09 EST 1995