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Using NESL with GNU Emacs


Within the top-level NESL directory there should be a subdirectory named emacs which contains the files nesl-mode.el and nesl.el, written by Tom Sheffler. If you use M-x load to load these files into your GNU Emacs, all files whose names end with .nesl will from then on be edited in nesl-mode (see the comments at the top of nesl-mode.el for how to load these automatically). This mode adds the following functions to GNU Emacs:


For nesl-mode to find the end of a function, the function needs to be terminated with a dollar-sign ($) sign instead of a semicolon (;). In NESL, the dollar-sign and semicolon can be used interchangeably to mark the end of a function definition. C-M-x only works if it can find the end of the function.

The following variables can be set by the user:

A NESL subprocess can be started with M-x run-nesl.

Guy Blelloch
Tue Nov 28 18:37:09 EST 1995