Satya is an experimental computer scientist who has pioneered research in distributed systems, mobile computing and pervasive computing. Early in his career, Satya was a principal architect and implementor of the Andrew File System (AFS) which pioneered the use of scalable file caching, ACL-based security, and volume-based system administration for enterprise-scale information sharing. AFS was commercialized by IBM, is in widespread use today as OpenAFS, and has heavily influenced  the NFS v4  network file system protocol standard.  Building on the AFS work, Satya was a principal architect of the Coda File System which introduced the concepts of disconnected operation and bandwidth-adaptive weakly-connected operation in distributed file systems.  The Coda concepts of hoarding, reintegration and application-specific conflict resolution can be found in the hotsync capability of mobile devices today. Key ideas from Coda were incorporated by Microsoft into the IntelliMirror component of Windows 2000 and the Cached Exchange Mode of Outlook 2003.    The Odyssey project explored the partitioning of responsibility between the operating system and applications in adapting to wide variability in critical resources such as wireless network bandwidth and energy in mobile computing.   Through these projects and other projects such as Aura and Chroma, Satya was a co-inventor of many supporting technologies for mobile computing such as such as cyber foraging, data staging, lookaside caching, translucent caching and application-aware adaptation.   His most recent work in mobile computing has focused on the role of virtual machine (VM) technology, in the context of the  Internet Suspend/Resume system  and the use of cloudlets for cyber foraging, His most recent work in distributed systems has focused on deep search of non-text data such as digital photographs and medical images, in the context of the Diamond project.   In the Olive project, he is exploring the streaming and prefetching of virtual machines over the Internet as the foundational mechamism for archived executable content.

Satya is the Carnegie Group Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.  He received the PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, after Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He is a Fellow of the ACM and the IEEE.  He was the founding Program Chair of the HotMobile series of workshops, the founding Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Pervasive Computing, and the founding director of Intel Research Pittsburgh.   He is an Advisor to Maginatics, which is creating a 21st-century cloud-based realization of the AFS and Coda vision.