Satya's Home Page
"Working Code Trumps All Hype"

Hi! My name is Satya. That's short for "Satyanarayanan". I'm a faculty member in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

As an experimental computer scientist, I design, implement, and evaluate systems. My motto is "Working Code Trumps All Hype."  My research interests span mobile computing, pervasive computing and distributed systems (especially distributed file systems). Performance, availability, security, usability and manageability are some of the key attributes that I pay attention to in my work.

Here's a short bio and contact information. If you are visiting me and need maps, here is one of the Carnegie Mellon campus and one of the area around it. My office is in the Gates Hillman Center (GHC 9123).

Here are my publications: invited or refereed and other documents.

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