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Sarjoun Skaff

Visiting Scholar

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Complete Bibliography, sorted by topic.

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Reading List (as of 12 July 2005)


Visual Servoing

-         Hutchinston, “A Tutorial on Visual Servo Control”

-         Rizzi, “An Active Visual Estimator for Dexterous Manipulation”

-         Cowan, “Planar Image Based Visual Servoing as a Navigation Function”

-         Cowan, “Rigid Body Visual Servoing Using Navigation Functions”

-         Kano, “Identification of Relative Position and Orientation of Two Cameras from Motion and Shape Parameters of Moving Rigid Body”

-         Inaba, “Observability of Perspective Dynamical Systems”

-         Ghosh, “Robotic Motion Planning and Manipulation in an Uncalibrated Environment

-         Zhang, “Visual Servoing with Dynamics: Control of an Unmanned Blimp”

-         Mahony, “Visual Servoing Using Linear Features for Under-actuated Rigid Body Dynamics”

-         Crétual, “Image-Based Visual Servoing by Integration of Dynamic Measurements”

-         Crétual, “Positioning a Camera Paeallel to a Plane Using Dynamic Visual Servoing”

-         Marchand, “Robust Visual Tracking by Coupling 2D motion and 3D pose estimation”


Mechanical Control Systems

-         Lewis, “Simple Mechanical Control Systems with Constraints”

-         Bullo, “Controllability and Motion Algorithms for Underactuated Lagrangian Systems on Lie Groups”




-         Burridge, “Toward a Dynamical Pick and Place”

-         Burridge, “Sequential Composition of Dynamically Dexterous Robot Behaviors”

-         Lemmon, “Supervisory Hybrid Systems”




-         Choset, “Topological Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM): Towards Exact Localization Without Explicit Localization”

-         Kantor, “Preliminary Results in Range-Only Localization and Mapping”

-         Bailey, “Localisation in large-scale environments”

-         Marsland, “Learning to select distinctive landmarks for mobile robot navigation”

-         Leonard, “Mobile Robot Localization by Tracking Geometric Beacons”

-         Thrun, “A Probabilistic Online Mapping Algorithm for Teams of Mobile Robots”

-         Deans, “Bearing Only Localization and Mapping”

-         Thrun, “SLAM Updates Require Constant Time”

-         Nebot, ‘How-to’ Presentation on SLAM


Sensor Fusion

-         Roumeliotis, “An Extended Kalman Filter for Frequent Local and Infrequent Global Sensor Data Fusion”

-         Roumeliotis, Augmenting Inertial Navigation With Image-Based Motion Estimation”

-         Lobo, “Integration of Inertial Information with Vision”

-         Lobo, “Fusing Of Image And Inertial Sensing For Camera Calibration”

-         Strelow, “Optimal motion estimation from visual and inertial measurements”

-         Abdelrahman, “Integration of Multiple Sensor Fusion in Controlled Design”

-         Escamilla, “A Hybrid Kalman Filter – Fuzzy Logic Architecture for Multisensor Data Fusion”

-         Kam, “Sensor Fusion for Mobile Robot Navigation”

-         Wu, “Sensor fusion using Dempster-Shafer theory”



Kalman Filtering

-         Kalman, “An New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems”

-         Kalman, “New Results in Linear Filtering and Prediction Theory”

-         Scheding, “The Detection of Faults in Navigation Systems: A Frequency Domain Approach”


Particle Filtering

-         Liu, “A Theoretical Framework for Sequential Importance Sampling and Resampling”


Non-Linear Filtering

-         Julier, “A New Extension of the Kalman Filter to Nonlinear Systems”

-         Murphy,Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filtering for Dynamic Bayesian Networks”

-         Chen,Mixture Kalman Filters”



State Estimation

-         Ishikawa, “State Estimation of Non-holonomic Mobile Robots using Nonlinear Observers”

-         Vik, “A Nonlinear Observer for GPS and INS Integration”

-         Chang, “State Estimation for Discrete Systems With Switching Parameters”



Target Tracking

-         Bourassa, “A Parallel Filtering Technique for a Surveillance Radar”

-         Campbell, “Nonlinear Estimation of Aircraft Models for On-line Control Customization”

-         Mazor, “Interacting Multiple Model Methods in Target Tracking: A Survey”

-         Rehbinder, “Drift-free attitude estimation for accelerated rigid bodies”



Multiple Model Control

-         Fisher, “Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation with Filter Spawning”

-         Zhang, “Detection and Diagnosis of Sensor and Actuator Failures Using IMM Estimators”

-         Zhang, “Integrated Active Fault-Tolerant Control Using IMM Approach”

-         Maybeck, “Performance enhancement of a multiple model adaptive estimator

-         Oussalah, “Suboptimal Multiple Model Filter for Mobile Robot Localization”

-         Narenda, “Adaptive Control Using Multiple Models”



Hybrid Systems

-         Hristu-Varsakelis, “On the structural complexity of the motion description language MDLe”

-         Henzinger, “The theory of hybrid automata”

-         Sproston, “Decidable Model Checking of Probabilistic Hybrid Automata



Markov Models

-         Rabiner, “A tutorial on Hidden Markov Models and Selected Applications in Speech Recognition”

-         Roweis, “A unifying Review of Linear Gaussian Models”

-         Blake, “Learning Multi-Class Dynamics”

-         Younes, “Verification and Planning for Stochastic Processes with Asynchronous Events

-         Lerner, “Hybrid Bayesian Networks for Reasoning about Complex Systems

-         Murphy, “A Brief Introduction to Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks

-         Lafferty, “Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data”






Note: This list may not be comprehensive. It contains only those publications in the RI publications database. Entries are listed in reverse chronological order.