Course racing. Best results:

-   12th in the Worlds (1987)

-   5th in the Europeans (1987)

-   1st in the Finnish Nationals (1987)

-   ranking #1 in Finland (1986)

-   I still race in the Formula class for fun (this picture is from 2007; I am in the blue shirt):

Miami Pro-Am 2007_SatStart.jpg Big loop


Nowadays I also do tricks for fun.  Best tricks I have done:

-   Forward loop. See picture above right and video of that big fast one from summer 2016. I practiced this move since June 2008; first fully succesful forward loop where I sailed away in footstraps on 6/3/2013 in Maui, see video of my first one (~90MB). Video of one that has more air and is more vertical (but I had to waterstart) (124 MB).

-   Carving 360 (about 2004-)

-   Duckjibe (starting in summer 2001 or 2002). Video of duckjibing in Maui in summer 2002 (~5MB).


Video of a big fall in Maui in summer 2002 (~1MB).



This is the 14 foot guy I ran into while windsurfing at Cape Cod in the mid 1990s. You do not want to get introduced to him!

shark4   shark1


shark2   shark3


Yes, I mean the game.


Mostly 5 min & 5 min


I typically race in the role of tactician. For example, I was tactician on board sail yacht Arwen in the Beneteau First 36.7 North American Championship 2016. We were 6th overall, and we won the Corinthian (=non-pro) fleet. Here are some pictures from the event.

I also race in the Flying Scot class with my kids. We got third in the Ohio District Championships 2016. We got 22nd in the 2017 US Nationals:



I play in the following leagues:

-   Pittsburgh Squash Racquets Association (PSRA) box league.

-   Pittsburgh Squash Racquets Association (PSRA) team C-league.

-   Carnegie Mellon University squash ladder.



My knee hurts.


Preferably acrobatic. I was trained in the Finnish Air Force during my obligatory military service.