Inaugural ACM Autonomous Agents Research Award 2001

Quote from the award description:

``ACM SIGART, in collaboration with the International Conference on Autonomous Agents, has instituted an annual award for excellence in research in the area of autonomous agents. The award is intended to recognize researchers whose current work is an important influence on the field. The award is an official ACM award, funded by an endowment created by ACM SIGART from the proceeds of previous Autonomous Agents conferences.

The winner of the 2001 award is Tuomas Sandholm, of Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Sandholm has conducted an intensive research program in electronic markets and multi-agent systems, and has also done work in other areas of autonomous agents. The breadth and depth of his contributions over a relatively short period of time are impressive. In addition, he has been an active contributor to the Autonomous Agents community, contributing regularly to the AA conference since its inception.

In recognition of the award, Dr. Sandholm will present an invited lecture at the 2001 International Conference on Autonomous Agents. The title of his presentation is ``Agents in Combinatorial Markets.''

About the award

Candidates for the SIGART Autonomous Agents Research Award are selected through an open nomination process. Each candidate was asked to submit a copy of their curriculum vitae, and a brief summary of their research contributions in autonomous agents. The application portfolios were evaluated by an impartial committee of distinguished agents researchers, all of whom removed themselves from consideration for the award.

In order to provide a focus on current research, only contributions in the past five years were considered in the evaluation. Evaluation criteria included publication record, evidence that research contributions have been applied in autonomous agent systems, and evidence that research contributions are cited by other researchers and have served as an inspiration for other research. It is expected that at least some of the candidate's research should have been published at the International Conference on Autonomous Agents."

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