Constructive Logic
Spring 2005

Main References

The main references for this course are two sets of notes by Frank Pfenning. The first half of the course is based on Constructive Logic, which we will cover in detail. The second half is based on Linear Logic, of which we will cover only selected chapters.

In addition to these readings, we will also provide some supplementary handouts and references, as summarized below.

Supplementary References

Author Title
Martin-Löf On the Meaning of the Logical Constants and the Justification of the Logical Laws
Martin-Löf Truth of a Proposition, Evidence of a Judgement, Validity of a Proof
Harper Constructive Negation
Harper Law of the Excluded Middle
Harper Proof Reduction and Normal Proofs
Harper Algebraic Logic
Martin-Löf Analytic and Synthetic Judgements in Type Theory
Harper Substitution
Harper Proof Equivalence
Harper Hypothetical and General Judgements
Harper Complete Induction
Harper Computational Content of Classical Logic
Harper, McLaughlin Proof Search
Harper Regular Expression Matching as Deduction

Robert Harper
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