Welcome to one of the most advanced web counters on the Net!
What makes WebCounter superior to the other applications in its class is that it is able to record not only the identity of the host accessing your pages and the time of the access, but also the total time the user stationered on your pages. This latter information is a valuable indication on how much of their content he/she actually read.


WebCounter is a three-tier Java database application.
The front-end is a JDK 1.0.2 applet that is capable of display the count of accesses to a page in a variety of graphical styles. It communicates with a server-side JDK 1.1 program that stores the information on a database using a JDBC driver (typically, this will be the JDBC-ODBC bridge).

Copyright and Distribution

Both the server client application and the applet client are copyright of Roberto Virga, Carnegie Mellon University.
Permission of copy and use them is granted upon previously notification to the author.