Typing Tutor

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This program helps you improving your typing skills by playing a simple game: characters are falling down the screen; you have to stop them before they reach the ground by pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard.

You can use the the lesson plan window do select which keys you want to practice with (NB: changing the keys in the lesson plan changes the keyset of the next game, not the one, if any, that's already in progress).

At the end of each "game" you can look at the Performance evaluation window to see how well you have done, and to receive advice on what to do next.



In 1991 a program with the same name (later changed to "Typing Arcade") was written by Jim Patterson and released as freeware for the NeXT platform. I found it extremely useful, and I used it ever since to improve my typing skills. After I abandoned the NeXTSTEP platform a year ago, I started missing this little utility. Hence why I decided to write a version in Pure Java: this way, I will always be able to run it, no matter what future platforms I'll have to migrate to!

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Let me know your impressions.


Source Code

The source code for Typing tutor can be freely downloaded here. If you plan to reuse the source code in some of your programs, or make modifications to this program, contact me and get my permission first. Happy typing!