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August 2016

Two papers accepted to NIPS 2016!

July 2016

My paper On Version Space Compression with Shai Ben-David got accepted to ALT 2016!

Spring 2016

I was awarded a Simons-Berkeley fellowship for the program Foundations of Machine Learning. Looking forward!

Ruth Urner

Senior Research Scientist
Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems
Department of Empirical Inference
Tübingen, Germany

Email: rurner "at" tuebingen "dot" mpg "dot" de


I am working on advancing the mathematical foundations of Machine Learning to apply to modern challenges of data analysis. I am particularly interested in analyzing what kind of benefits and information we can extract from unlabelled labelled data (eg in semi-supervised or active learning) or data from that came from diverse sources (eg in transfer learning). I am also interested in developing new Machine Learning frameworks for problem settings in algorithmic game theory and computational economics.


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