Please download the desired version of Time Weaver and follow the specific instructions for each version. In case of difficulty please contact Gaurav Bhatia or Dionisio de Niz.
NOTE: To be able to execute TimeWiz from within Time Weaver, please make sure that you have TimeWiz in your PATH. You can check this by executing TimeWiz from the command prompt.

Important Installation Notes

  1. You need to install the full JDK as opposed to only the JRE
  2. Ensure that the JDK bin directory (e.g. "j2sdk1.4.1_02\bin") is added to your path (so that "jar" can run from a DOS window / shell)


Time Weaver Releases


Current Release:


Time Weaver 1.6.5-beta

Requires JDK 1.4.1 or higher. Make sure java is in your PATH.


Installation instructions:

1. Download and unzip file to directory of choice

2. Edit the <your_dir>/timeweaver/bin/tw.bat file and replace the TIMEWEAVER path with the full installed path. (i.e. set TIMEWEAVER = <your_dir>/timeweaver/bin)

3. Run the tw.bat file to run Time Weaver


1. Window Users: Do not use directory names with blanks (e.g. "Program Files"), java does not handle these type of directories properly.


Old Releases:

 Time Weaver 1.6.1
 Time Weaver 1.6.4-beta

Requires jdk 1.4.1 or higher. It is important to make sure that the program "jar.exe" is in the path. The SDK installer does not do this automatically, you need to do it manually.

Installation instructions:
1. Download this file to a temporary directory.
2. Unzip the tw.jar to the temporary directory.
3. run the jar: MS Windows: double click, Linux: type java -jar tw.jar

1. Window Users: Do not use directory names with blanks (e.g. "Program Files"), java does not handle this type of directories properly.

Time Weaver Utilities


Boeing Representative Single Processor Model

AIF2TimeWiz patch
To apply the patch:
1. Unzip the file
2. On Windows double click on it
On Linux run with : java -jar aif2twz-patch.jar
3. Enter the timeweaver/bin directory according to where you installed TimeWeaver and press the Patch button.
4. Check the log dialog for errors.

Time Weaver Demos

MPC555 CAN Demo 2 Boards
Code generated from Time Weaver for OSEK using a CANBus on 2 MPC555 boards
Board 1 sends a message every 1 seconds to Board 2 indicating LED to light up

MPC555 Demo 1 Board
Code generated from Time Weaver for OSEK running on 1 MPC555 board
Alternate LEDs light up every 100ns