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Loading the RK module

The Linux Resource Kernel (Linux/RK) is implemented as a kernel module rk.o that must be loaded before executing any application that requires the RK system calls. If the module is not loaded, all the RK system calls will return -1 as an error condition.

The RK module is in LinuxRK/rkmod/; please note that in order to load it you need a modified version of the linux kernel (distributed together with the RK) that exports some hooks used by the module. In order to use the RK:

  1. configure and compile linux.2.2.14.rk: go to the linux.2.2.14.rk directory, do ``make config/menuconfig/xconfig'', ensuring that the Linux/RK kernel option is set (it is by default), then do ``make depend'', and ``make bzImage'';
  2. install and boot it (put the bzImage in the /boot directory, edit the /etc/lilo.conf file accordingly, run /sbin/lilo, and reboot);
  3. compile the module (go to the LinuxRK/rkmod/ directory, and type make);
  4. load the module: insmod rk.o. You must be root for doing it.
  5. Enjoy!!!

Luca Abeni 2000-11-03