The Durand lab:

The Durand lab is located in the Mellon Institute on the corner of 5th and Dithridge St., room 646. To get to my office from the loading dock: turn left as you enter from the loading dock. At the end of that hallway, you'll see two freight elevators. Take the small one to the 6th floor. On leaving the elevator, turn right and right again. MI 646 is the fourth door on your right.

Alternatively, from the Fifth Avenue or Bellefield entrance: Take one of the central elevators to the sixth floor. Turn right as you exit the elevator. Go the the end of the hall and turn left. Go the the end of that hall and turn left again. MI 646 is on your left at the far end of the hall.

Webster Hall:

My apartment is 101 N. Dithridge St. (Webster Hall), at 5th Avenue and Dithridge. Enter under the Dithridge St. awning. If it's daytime and a weekday the doors will be unlocked. Otherwise you'll need to buzz me (the buzzer number is 194). Once inside, veer right then left to get to the apartment entrance. Again, you'll need to buzz up. Take the elevator to the 5th floor and I'm in apartment 520 (take a left when you get out of the elevator, another shortly thereafter, and I'm on the right, almost at the end of the hall). My phone number is 412-621-4905 in case you get lost.

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