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LTI Colloquium Spring 2012

Course Information

The LTI colloquium is a series of talks related to language technologies. The topics include but are not restricted to Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Information Retrieval, Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Knowledge Representation, Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Intelligent Language Tutoring. To get credit for the course, students are required to write either a short critique of one of the presentations or a comparison of two.

Time: Fridays 2:30-4:00pm
Location: Baker Hall A51 (The Giant Eagle Auditorium)
Instructor: Roni Rosenfeld,roni (at) cs.cmu.edu
TA: Reyyan Yeniterzi, reyyan (at) cs.cmu.edu
Course Secretary: Corinne Meloni, cmeloni (at) cs.cmu.edu


Jan 20 Dipanjan Das, CMU Multilingual Guidance for Unsupervised Linguistic Structure Prediction
Jan 27 No colloquium - LTI Admissions meeting
Feb 3 Pedro Moreno, Google Google's Speech Internationalization Project: From 1 to 300 Languages and Beyond
Feb 10 William Cohen, CMU Fast Effective Clustering for Graphs and Documents
Feb 17 Ben Snyder, U. Wisc Harnessing Dozens of Languages for Robust Language Technology
Feb 24 No colloquium - LTI Open House
Mar 2 No colloquium - LTI Faculty Retreat
Mar 9 No colloquium - Mid-semester Break
Mar 16 No colloquium - Spring Break
Mar 23

1:00 pm
Hammerschlag Hall B131
Tie-Yan Liu, Microsoft

2:30 pm
Baker Hall A51
Hans Uszkoreit, German Research Ctr. for AI

Computational Advertising: Challenges and Opportunities

Learning Relation Extraction Rules from Massive Data

Mar 30 Joe Reisinger, U. Texas Latent Variable Models of Distributional Lexical Semantics
Apr 6 John McDonough Distant Speech Recognition: No Black Boxes Allowed
Apr 13 Gerald Friedland, ICSI Cybercasing the Joint: Language Technologies, Multimedia Retrieval, and Online Privacy
Apr 20 No colloquium - Spring Carnival
Apr 27 Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Microsoft Research (Redmond) Not Just for Kids: Enriching Information Retrieval with Reading Level Metadata
May 4 Eric Xing, CMU Jointly Maximum Margin and Maximum Entropy Learning of Graphical Models

Past Colloquia

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