Coach Language Corpus



This page contains some example uses of the version 8.xx of the coach language as supported by the Soccer Server System as used in RoboCup. All teams wishing to compete in coach competitions should be able to correctly process and use the examples here. This was created in an effort to avoid some of the interoperability problems encountered at RoboCup2001 . Discussion about the coach and the coach language should take place on the robocup coach mailing list .

The Examples

In the text file linked below, comment lines are marked with a '#' at the beginning of the line. Naturally, these lines should be ignored in processing the file. Each example should be marked with who contributed it. Submit further examples by emailing Patrick Riley <>.

Old examples

These are example which are invalid in some way. Your team does not need to support these.
This page is maintained by Patrick Riley <>. Please let me know if you encounter problems.

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