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This is the home page for the simulated robotic soccer team (ChaMeleons) and coach (OWL) that participated in RoboCup2001 in Seattle, WA USA. The simulated robotic soccer competition was run with the SoccerServer system , and RoboCup2001 was an official event of the RoboCup Federation .


The ChaMeleons team is built upon the publicly released portions of CMUnited99 and the OWL coach is built upon the coach of ATTCMUnited2000 . In addition, the coach and players used the open source library libscoach to parse, store, and process standard coach language messages. See the download section for the relevant licenses. In particular, if you use the binaries for producing results which are published, you must cite the paper listed here .

Our soccer simulation groups focuses on adaptability, imitation, adjustable autonomy, and multi-agent modelling. Some of the interesting features of the team are:


Please be sure to read the README and License files before trying to use these binaries!

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Contact Paul Carpenter ( if you have questions about the players (ChaMeleons), and contact Patrick Riley ( if you have questions about the coach (OWL)

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