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The playing surface is nominally grass, but in certain circumstances concrete, asphalt, or astro-turf may be used instead. Grass is preferred due to its relative softness and compliance. The field should be located in an outdoor environment. Tubular markers delimit the field's dimensions (as shown in the figure below). The corner markers are white, while one set of goal markers is yellow, and the other is a light blue/cyan color. The markers are 1m tall PVC (or other suitable material) tubing. The markers have a nominal diamter of 150mm (~6").

The field dimensions follow a scale law as a function of the number of players on the field. For n players on each team the field dimensions can be calculated as:

The goals are set to 2 vs 2 at 2.5m wide (from inside post to inside post), and two goal spots are placed 2m from the field edge, and 2m from the field center (as shown). These goal spots are used for goal kick restarts by the defending team.