How to install the neccessory software?

Please refer to SegwayRMP/doc/install.txt

Where to start?

Please refer to SegwayRMP/doc/overview.txt

About the bk

Some handy BitKeeper commands

* get a working copy of the tree

> bk clone ssh://yakko//home/segway/SegwayRMP

* checking out code (pull updates)

> bk pull

* checking in code

> bk citool

* push changes from this repository to the parent

(WARNING!) You should NOT do this to the main repository
unless given permission.

> bk push

How to run the code
- ssh into platini via mollusk

- change into directory SegwayRMP

- set environment variable SEGWAYCONFIG to point to the config directory

- run ./bin/robot without params.
(if the test warning comes up then change TESTMODE in settings.cfg to 0)

- ssh into mollusk

- change into directory SegwayRMP

- set SEGWAYCONFIG variable

- run ./bin/soccer
Useful switches are
-t "tactic string goes here" to run a tactic (currently only
chaseball does anything)
-c <file> to capture a file

- from you machine, set SEGWAYCONFIG and run the gui with
./bin/gui -R <hostname>

Rmemeber -h always lists the command line options if you are unsure.

About the machines

yakko: the server in robot soccer lab
gs219: the desktop in high bay

platini: the laptop running robot code on pinky
mollusk: the laptop running server code on pinky


Contact information

* segway list: segway-list at cs.cmu.edu

* Brett Browning: brettb+segway at cs.cmu.edu
* Manuela Veloso: mmv at cs.cmu.edu
* Paul Rybski: prybski at cs.cmu.edu

* mvs at andrew.cmu.edu

* Dinesh Govindaraju: dgovinda at andrew.cmu.edu
CSD senior

* ericker at andrew.cmu.edu

* David Rozner: dgr at andrew.cmu.edu

* Jeremy Searock: jsearock at andrew.cmu.edu
RI master student

* mint at cmu.edu

* Yang Gu: guyang at cs.cmu.edu
CSD phd student

* Fayette Shaw: fws at andrew.cmu.edu
ME undergrad student

* Siddharth Misra: siddhart at andrew.cmu.edu
CSD undergrad student

Safety rules

* The robot can only be operated if there is someone there
to advise you. Suitable advisors are the grad students, Brett and Paul.

* When you are testing the robot, please keep a close eye on
the robot. Put your hand on the mouse because you need to stop
it (click the stop button in the GUI) as quickly as you can
in case of emergency.