Robot Soccer Images

Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon Robot Soccer lab images page! The robot soccer lab is part of the CORAL research group and focuses on research within the RoboCup robot soccer domain. Below are some of the images we have collected of our various research platforms.

For more information on these images, or our research, please email us or visit our robosoccer web pages or CORAL web pages.

We have broken our image gallery into separate sections. The RoboCup pages may include pictures from all the leagues. Just click on the links below to jump to the pages of your interest.

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Sony AIBO legged league
Internal images
Our Sony AIBO teams CMTrio ('98 and '99) and CMPack ('00, '01, '02, '03)

Segway league
Internal images
Our new Segway RMP robots CM-RMP

Small-size league
Internal images
Our small-size robots CMUnited ('97 and '98) and CMDragons ('01, '02, '03)

Internal images
Our UberSim simulator for the small-size CMDragons team

Simulator league
Our simulator teams CMUnited ('97, '98, '99, '00) and ChaMeleons ('01)

RoboCup pictures
Various pictures from RoboCup (2002 and 1998)

Lab pictures
Various pictures of our laboratory

Middle-size league Our middle-size team CM Hammerheads ('00 and '01)


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