Course overview

This course will introduce students all the bits of creating a complete intelligent robot. Robots need to be equipped with perception, cognition, and action capabilities. We will use the concrete Sony AIBO robots to understand in depth the issues involved in developing such capabilities in a robot. The course will have one 1.5h weekly lecture and a 1.5h weekly recitation/lab session, followed necessarily by hands-on work of the students. The course work will be intense and structured around tasks to be fully implemented in the AIBO robots. Evaluation will be based on the level of accomplishment of such tasks. We expect to be able to ask work on tasks that involve more than one robot, therefore studying issues underlying multirobot systems.

Please direct all inquiries about this software to: Paul Rybski

This materials on this web page are for the 2003 course. Materials from the 2004 and 2005 courses will be made available soon.

Grading policy

The grade will be based on 12 homework assignments and 1 final project. All assignments and projects will be done in groups of 2 or 3 students. There are no midterm or final exams. The final grade will be calculated as:

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