Andrew's Leap
Robotics Section
Summer, 2003

Robotics Education Lab
NSH 3206 (adjacent to atrium in Newell Simon Hall)
(412) 268-5561
1:30 - 5:30 pm every afternoon

Andrew's Leap is a summer program run by the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. All local area high school students are eligible to participate. Participants will be given access to resources usually reserved for Ph.D. students and research scientists. Through special classes and independent projects, students will be exposed to the frontiers of computer science. They will "leap" ahead approximately ten years. Students will have an opportunity to interact with some of the country's leading scientists. The Andrew's Leap website is at

The Robotics Section of Andrew's Leap is for students who want to spend their afternoons learning how to design, build, and program small mobile robots. The goal is to learn the principles and techniques of tabletop robot design. Students will design, construct, and test small humanoids, sumo robots, and others. Lab sessions will address use of simple machine tools, mechanical construction, electronics, and programming. Design elements and design skills will be developed through a sequence of robot dissections and fast prototyping of student designs.

Our able staff

Matt Mason,
web page

Professor, Computer Science and Robotics
NSH 3119, 268-8804

Brendan Meeder
NSH 3206, 268-5561

Leland Thorpe
NSH 3206, 268-5561

Ouri Maler
NSH 3206, 268-5561

Robert Montgomery
NSH 3206, 268-5561

Jean Harpley
Administrative assistant
NSH 3111, 268-3802


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