RoboCup-2001 Middle-Size Soccer Robot League

Organizing Committee:

  • Pedro Lima (chair), Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Gerhard Kraetzschmar, University of Ulm, Germany
  • Mark Makies, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Takeshi Ohashi, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Wei-Min Shen, University of Southern California, USA

  • Brief Description of the League: In the middle-size league of RoboCup, teams of four roughly 50x50x80cm sized robots play with each other. The major difference to the small-size league is that no global vision of the field is allowed, hence the robots carry their own sensors, including vision. The robots are fully autonomous, i.e., all their sensors, actuators, power supply and (in most cases) computational power are on-board, and no external intervention by humans is allowed, except to insert or remove robots in/from the field. External computational power is allowed, even though most teams do not use it. Wireless communications among the team robots and/or with the external computer are also allowed. As in most of the other leagues, relevant objects are distinguishable by their colors: the ball is orange, the goals are yellow and blue, the robots are black, the walls are white, the robot markings (to distinguish the teams) are magenta and light blue.
    The middle-size league challenge enforces research issues such as multi-robot cooperative teams, autonomous navigation, sensor fusion, vision-based perception, mechanical design, to name a few.

    More details on the Middle-Size RoboCup-2001 Web page

    See also the general RoboCup-Soccer Middle-Size League Official Page.

    Scientific and Technological Areas of Interest:

    Important Dates:
    Discussion of the rules (current rules can be found here).  until December 15, 2000
    Final rules  January 31, 2001 
    Intention of participation  February 28, 2001 
    Pre-registration for qualification  March 31, 2001 
    Announcement of qualification  April 15, 2001 
    RoboCup-2001  August 2-10, 2001 

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