Media Access


General information for media
RoboCup is attracting media teams from all over the world. Due to the high numbers of media that will be in attendance, the RoboCup Federation has to balance fast, fair and unhindered access for the media, while allowing the competitors the space and time they need in order to compete effectively.

The media will be able to cover and broadcast footage of the entire competition. Media will also be allowed limited access to some team areas during the competition, but only at pre-designated times. Interviews with human members of the teams must first be arranged via RoboCup media liason officers; this allows the competitors to focus on the taxing task of constantly re-programming their robots during the competition.

All media should be aware that, although cameras are of course allowed, no flash photography or camera lights are allowed, as this will interfere with robot vision. The lighting environment of the competition areas will be adequate for all forms of image capture using available light. There will also be a small "media room" with limited internet connection. We suggest that all media make provisions for their own internet access, to prevent congestion on site.

Due to the competitive and technical nature of the event, the organizers would appreciate it if consideration is given to the participants both human and robots. The following restrictions exist to ensure the smooth and enjoyable functioning of RoboCup.

Things NOT ALLOWED at RoboCup: