Initiative for Latin America

The LTI is dedicated to training the next generation of computational technologists to support research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America. Through education, these professionals will be empowered to transform challenges into opportunities for economic, social, cultural and political development in their home countries.

To achieve this training and the resulting transformation, the LTI has created strategic alliances with government institutions, universities, R&D centers, private enterprises and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in each participating country. The LTI will create the conditions for learning and will work with this network of alliances to develop workshops, graduate courses and interdisciplinary teams focused on research, development and deployment of intelligent technologies.

Proposed Activities

  • LTI courses will be available for graduate students at universities participating in the strategic alliance network. These courses will be integrated into the curricula of participating universities and will serve toward the completion of a graduate degree in language technologies.

  • In their final practicum project, students enrolled in the LTI's professional master's degree program will address the challenges and opportunities presented by industry, enterprise and/or regional and national public institutions, in their country of origin.

  • Instructors at participating universities can experience the higher education pedagogy applied in the courses offered by the LTI. Instructors will attend classes, assuming a student role. After the class, the "student" will participate in a follow-up frank discussion with the instructor about specific forms of teaching, and their pedagogical foundations and processes.

  • LTI professors will teach intensive workshops and seminars to be held in the participating countries. These workshops will aim to develop specific skills and practical approaches related to the needs of local industries and technology companies.

  • The alliance will provide competitive R&D internships in LTI for graduate students and/or professionals from participating companies.

  • International meetings between faculty and researchers from the participating universities and companies, which focus on R&D issues of common interest. This can serve as the basis for collaborative R&D project proposals.


Contact: Rodolfo Manuel Vega
Assistant Director
Phone: 412-268-3724 - Fax: 412-268-6298
E-Mail:; Skype: rodolfo.vega1