Implementations of the Position-Variable Model


The position-variable model has been implemented many different times by a number of students and colleagues, as well as occasionally be me. Most of these implemtentations can charitablly be referred to as "research code". Furthermore, the most elaborate realizations of the model were implemented for the NeXT computers in NeXTStep and Objective-C, which (lamentably) have largely disappeared from the scene.

These pages, currently very much under construction will have packages of source code that implement the model in the hopes that they may be useful to interested researchers and other onlookers. The code, of course, is offered with no guarantees that it will be useful for your application, or that it will even work at all for you, and mileage in California will vary. Nevertheless, I do appreciate hearing about problems, and hope that users will send back bug fixes, additions, and upgrades.

MATLAB code:

This version of the model was used to implement the predictions for the Stern and Trahiotis (1997) paper at the 9th International Symposium on Hearing in Grantham, UK, which in turn discusses predictions for the Trahiotis and Stern (1994) paper.

The code can be obtained in two forms:

Michael Akeroyd has also developed a very extensive package for modeling binaural phenomena in MATLAB. It includes an implementation of the position-variable model, although some of the details of Michael's implementation of the model are different from my implementation of it. You can find Michael's toolbox at

NeXTStep implementations:

Source code is now available for the implementation of the model in Objective-C for the NeXTStep operating system that was used for the implementation of the position-variable model that was used for the predictions of Stern and Shear (1996a, 1996b) and related publications. The code is presented in undocumented form, but we will gladly attempt to answer specific questions about it. Again, we thank Michael Akeroyd for helping to make this code available here.