The Third Annual Robot Learning Lab Retreat

Seven Springs, Feb 20-23, 2001


List of participants:

  1. Drew Bagnell
  2. Maren Bennewitz
  3. Allison Bruce
  4. Wolfram Burgard
  5. Dave Hershberger
  6. John Langford
  7. Lucian Lita
  8. Dimitris Margaritis
  9. Michael Montemerlo
  10. Jonathan Moody
  11. Daniel Nikovski
  12. Sungwoo Park (arrives Feb 21)
  13. Joelle Pineau
  14. Chuck Rosenberg
  15. Nicholas Roy
  16. Jamieson Schulte
  17. Reid Simmons
  18. Trey Smith
  19. Sebastian Thrun
  20. Vandi Verma
  21. Hakan Younes (arrives Feb 21)

Preliminary agenda:

Day Time Agenda Item
Tue, Feb 20 7pm Welcome Dinner
9pm Night Walk, Night Skiing (Bring Torches)
Wed, Feb 21 8-9:30am John Langford: Maximum Entropy Tutorial (postscript)
9:30-10 Break
10-12pm Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Session
Wolfram Burgard:Tracking Multiple Moving Objects with a Mobile Robot (pdf)
Mike Montelmero:???
12-... Lunch, Skiing, Dinner
Thu, Feb 22 8-9am Drew Bagnell: Policy Search Methods
9-9:30 Vandi Verma: Hybrid Tracking
9:30-10 Allison Bruce: Vikia: A Robot for Social Interaction (powerpoint)
10-10:30 Break
10:30-11 Hakan Younes: Transformational Partial Order Planning (postscript)
11-11:30 Trey Smith: ???
11:30-12 Dave Hershberger: Distributed visual servoing
12pm-... Lunch, Skiing, Dinner
Fri, Feb 23 8-9am Multi-Agent Session
Maren Bennewitz:Optimizing Schedules for Prioritized Path Planning of Multi-Robot Systems (powerpoint)
Lucian Lita:Abstraction for Planning (powerpoint)
Jamie Schulte:???
9-9:30 Sebastian Thrun: 3D mapping
9:30-10 Break
10-12 General Session (2 slides a person)
Jonathan Moody:powerpoint slides
Chuck Rosenberg:postscript slides

Chuck Rosenberg   (last update March 7, 2001)