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Robot Learning Lab Retreat 2000

This year, we held a retreat at Blue Knob, PA. The list of speakers and links to their slides is given below.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000
8am-11am Jamie Schulte ``Multi-agent planning''  

Wolfram Burgard ``Multi-agent planning''  

David Cohn ``Thin-bots, Symbots and Stabots''  

Postscript slides

Mike Montemerlo ``Next Generation Internet and Telepresenc''  

6-8pm Daniel Nikovski ``Reasoning, Planning and Learning with POMDPs''  

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Joelle Pineau ``A Hierarchical POMDP approach to Dialog Management''  

Postscript slides

Thursday, February 24, 2000
8-11am Nick Roy ``Finding Policies to POMDPs''  

Postscript slides

David Hershberger ``Parameter Optimisation''  

Vandi Verma ``Parameter Optimisation''  

Eric Bauer ``Boosting, Bayes Nets, and Belief''  

Postscript slides

6-8pm Anita Araneda ``Expectation Maximisation''  

Powerpoint slides

Matt Deans ``Model Learning''  

Friday, February 25, 2000
8-11am Chuck Rosenberg ``Colour constancy''  

Postscript slides

John Langford ``Two ways to have fun with sampling''  

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Sebastian Thrun ``Hybrid Monte-Carlo Localisation''  

Sungwoo Park ``Programming Language for Robotics''  

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