The First Annual Robot Learning Lab Retreat

Seven Springs, Feb 21-24, 1999


List of participants:

  1. Wolfram Burgard
  2. Frank Dellaert
  3. Dieter Fox
  4. John Langford
  5. Dimitris Margaritis
  6. Daniel Nikovski
  7. Joseph O'Sullivan
  8. Joelle Pineau
  9. Nicholas Roy
  10. Chuck Rosenberg
  11. Jamieson Schulte
  12. Sebastian Thrun

Preliminary agenda:

  1. Sebastian: Intro: Problems and Techniques
  2. Dieter and Frank: Monte Carlo technqiues for density estimation, integration and optimization (beyond the Neal paper!!!!!)
  3. John: Probabilistic bounds
  4. Nick and Joelle: POMDPs, basics and recent developments
  5. Daniel: Bayes networks, dynamic belief networks, and sampling techniques applied to Bayes networks
  6. Everyone: Two slide work summary

Preliminary schedule:

DayTimeAgenda Item
Sun, Feb 21 7pm
Welcome Dinner
Mon, Feb 22 8am-12pm
lunch, skiiing, dinner
Tue, Feb 23 8am-12pm
lunch, skiiing, dinner
Wed, Feb 24 8am-12pm Meeting

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